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Hi everyone! I’m Niels - The Career & Branding Academy


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    Niels Reib

    Name: Niels Reib

    Where you live: Copenhagen, Denmark (for now)

    Industry: Career Development

    Position: Career Branding Specialist, Founder of The Career Branding Academy, Host of The Career Branding Summit

    Career Aspirations: To help as many professionals as possible attracting work they love and unleashing their full potential

    LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/nielsreib/

    Website: nielsreib.com

    What is your favorite book? (doesn’t have to be business-related): Hard to choose, but you can find some of them @ thecareerbrandingacademy.com/resources/ and @ nielsreib.com/career-development-books-to-read-in-2018/

    What is your favorite App? (doesn’t have to be business-related): I love Calendly (my booking calendar), Asana (project management), Clam (meditations), and Sleep Cycle (monitors my sleep)

    What is super fun for you? What do you LOVE doing (doesn’t have to be business-related): Working with amazing career-driven professionals, cooking, wine tastings, hanging out with friends

    Why were you born? What do you feel your purpose in this life is?: I believe we are all born to make a difference and an impact to make this world a better place in one way or another.

    #1 word to describe you…go!: crazypersistentgo-giver

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